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Recently my practice was in hiatus for a couple of reasons; I had breast cancer (I’m absolutely fine now) and we are building (and have moved into) a new home - 900’ away from our previous residence.  The downside of our great new home; is it's a “work in progress”.  My office is filled with construction and flooring materials, and my living room is now my temporary session room.  Its a cozy setting, but far from finished.  If you have expectations of shiny floors and painted sheet rock,  this may not be the best fit for you.

As a clinical hypnotherapist for over 30 years, I have worked with thousands of people seeking a magic wand for removing a bad habit, fear or pain.  I know only too well that there are no magic wands ... but there is magic and it comes from within.

Unlocking the door to the subconscious is where hypnosis becomes key. Once through the many walls we place around ourselves, we can then begin to address the conflicts and challenges that person is dealing with.

When you are hypnotized you are not unconscious, and I can never make any suggestions contrary to your way of thinking or beliefs.  It is similar to a daydream, only your subconscious  is working really hard to help you. The tiers of excuses begin to fade and you realize that your goal is now within your grasp.

All Sessions, except Past Life* and Wizard’s Wand* are about two hours and $120.00 (or $90/pp if more than one person).   The latter two are special sessions and run about three (or more) hours and cost $140.00 (or $110/pp if more than one person, and $90/pp if four or more people).  Cash or Charge cards are accepted.

* If a group is created, this could be conducted at a your home.

About Hypnosis

Not a magic wand … but there is magic!

Yes you can quit smoking through Hypnosis

     In the first 20 minutes of being a non-smoker, your pulse rate and blood pressure drop to levels before you smoked.  Ten hours in, your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels return to normal.  Four years from now your risk of a heart attack will be reduced and ten years from now you will significantly reduce your chances of dying of lung cancer.  All from quitting now!

  How does this work and how many sessions? The intent is to have you quit on your first visit, and that is the case more times than not.

   If I do not quit on the first visit, am I failure?  No,  by a long shot, NO!  One of my clients described failing as “not trying” or “giving up”.  This horrific drug is so insidious, that it does not want to let go, and you are in for the fight of your life, but if your want this you will quit smoking!

   I have tomorrow off, can you fit me in? No. I prefer a week between when we talk and your actual quit date.  This approach has proven itself to be the more successful way to quit smoking when you are combining behavioral changes and hypnosis.  I have materials that I will e-mail to you, including a punch list (to make use of as you get closer to your quit date).

    What days  and times do you take appointments?  I am open Tuesday through Saturday, and book private sessions from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

   How long will I be there and how much does this cost?  We will be together close to two hours and I charge $120.00.  If you do need a reinforcement it is only $55.00.

   May I bring a friend?  Certainly!  You may bring a friend for company, or you may bring someone who also wishes to quit. If you do the latter, it drops the per person charge down to $90.00, but I would need to know in advance.

   How do I pay?  Cash or Credit Card!


Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

already half way there.  The rest of the way is getting your mind and body to negotiate away from the habit and addiction of tobacco, which is where Hypnosis plays a major role.

Other Hypnosis Programs We are also a work in progress

Call, text or email for more information at the contact info noted below:

This is our largest and most successful program.   If you are ready and committed to quitting, then you are

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Quit Smoking through Hypnosis

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Which is a very good thing!


Hypnosis modifies habits!

As you tackle your goals, you will overcome

Fears, phobias and anxieties; become more confident, happier; take on a bad habit

such as  smoking and quit for life,.  

Let Hypnosis work for you!

Maine Center for Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking! Overcome fears and Anxiety! Become more confident, happier! Reduce the stress!

Hypnosis is key to behavioral changes

Become more confident, less stressed and happier

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